The before/after images shown below illustrate what can happen when our request for historic district expansion is ignored in Tribeca. Alas, these threatened buildings are in C6 zoning, which means a lot of height is theoretically possible.

Meanwhile, enjoy our new interactive slider.  You toggle it back and forth to show the before/after shots. Use your cursor to go back and forth. They might load a tad slowly, depending on what browser you have. (Thanks to Sam for help on figuring out this great tool for our website)

The very last before/after image in this series is courtesy the composer Laurie Spiegel (one of her pieces was The Hunger Games).  She gave us photos that she took at the same spot on her roof some 40 years apart.  The first of her images is from around 1970.

If all this hemming in of historic Tribeca troubles you, sign the petition to fight for historic district expansion.  We have 2150 signatures of Tribecans so far.  We need just 60 more signatures. Don’t be the one not to sign.  Sign here.






And here are Laurie’s photos.