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  • In this Issue: Complicity in the Demolition of Properties on Park Place Debacle at 75 West Broadway:  Who Should Tribecans Blame? AIA Historic Buildings Committee Vandalizes Tribeca   Complicity in the Demolition of the Properties on Park Place Remember the Ground Zero Mosque at 45 Park Place that was heavily debated in 2010?  Although the building is […]

  • In this issue: Sign our petition here first! -the Water Street Scandal and Seizure of Public Space -the Urban Tragedy Happening in Inwood -Harlem and the Gentrification Problem -Speaking of Regulation:  We Gotta Get a Grip on Air Rights (Greenwich Village) -Quotes of the Week:  Inwood Resident and Olive Freud -Disney takes on the Human-Scale […]

  • In this issue: -Film Screening of “The Human-Scale” -There Goes the Neighborhood -Ask the Mayor Call-in -Despicable Real Estate Ad of the Week (Extell!) -Photography Exhibit – Donna Ferrato -Grassroots Awards -Petition and Candlelight Vigil -Hypocrisy in Our Political Economy -Airport Architecture -A New Wrinkle in the Debate over Theodore Roosevelt Park and the AMNH […]

  • MEDIA ADVISORY Press Conference: Community Groups from Across City Demand End to “Pay to Play” Real Estate Deals; Provide Examples of Potentially Shady Arrangements, Call for Further Investigation Date/Time: Wednesday, May 4th @ 1pm Location: City Hall Steps, Manhattan Contact: Linda Cronin-Gross, Sonya Landau, LCG Communications – 718.853.5568;,; Ken Frydman, Source Communications – […]

  •  Testify next Wednesday, May 4, 9:30 a.m. against the Water Street Text Amendments that Give Away Public Space.  The hearing will be in the land use committee room at City Hall.  These proposed Water Street rule changes would set a terrible precedent by authorizing the give-away of millions and millions of dollars in sales and rental […]

  • Jazz Funeral Parade To Mourn our Losses in Tribeca South Friday May 6, 5:00 p.m. A Jane’s Walk Event We’re going to bang the drum slowly and play the fife lowly With Six Jolly Tribecans to carry the coffin We’ll grieve for the buildings and place we are losing.   Jazz Provided by Swing Street […]

  • Contents  Here is a way to help right three wrongs at once Corruption probe widens to include possible pay-to-play land use deals — breaking news! What has happened to our LPC? Height, REBNY, and the Overton Window of the NY Times  The growing sense of scandal in the De Blasio administration How did developer DDG […]

  • Preet  Opens Investigation that includes de Blasio   The Post reports that the Mayor is under investigation.  Preet Bharara is looking into “how the Mayor solicits cash from members of the real estate industry.”  Go Preet.  While you’re at it, investigate all elected officials in New York City who receive real estate funding.  And why […]

  • The Movie Version (five minutes).  If the movie below is not visible to you, click here to watch it on Vimeo. Include These Buildings in Tribeca’s Historic Districts! from Tribeca Trust on Vimeo.

  • -Landmark History Happened Today- In a world where developers run our city in a kind of tragic oligarchy, it is nice to be reminded that justice against the developers can sometimes still prevail. Here is the happy story. You may remember last year the case of the great landmarked building at 346 Broadway. It has […]

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