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        From Todd’s studio he has great views of the Woolworth Building.   I am not much of a fan of the WTC construction site, but in Todd’s hands, it develops a strange beauty.  He wrote me this note when asked if it was okay to profile him here:  ”I have spent many hours […]

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    David Levanti’s beautiful photographs of Tribeca’s historic districts were used to market a modern building on Franklin Street.  You can see more of his work at

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    I got this note from Peter Koval.  Many of you have seen his work on Tribeca Citizen.  Above is another example.   The note describes how to get in touch with him for his next round of painting in Tribeca. Hi there, I wanted to thank everyone for their great ideas and support during my […]

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    Independence Plaza and Washington Market Park are now where this astonishingly beautiful block once was, razed by idiotic urban renewal policies.

  • Shanghai_Skyscape

    This is a photo of polluted, barely liveable Shanghai, which I visited recently.  William Duggan, (author of Strategic Intuition) wrote me this note:   “What makes NY great?   Fifty years ago you would have said, ‘skyscrapers.’  NY had more of them than any other city in the world, and that made New York stand head and shoulders […]

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    Paul Goldberger, a critic at The New Yorker and former critic at the Times, said this of Duane Park and its surrounding block in his book “The City Observed”: This is the sort of place cities around the country struggle to create;  New York has had it all along, and it is ignored [well, not […]

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    165 Duane (block 143/Lot 1) known as the Schepp Building, was designed by Stephen Decatur Hatch.  Schepp used it as an office, a warehouse, and for processing coconut fiber.  Schepp had a rags to riches life story, leaving behind a charitable foundation to help similar boys find their way up to entrepreneurship.  The building suffered […]

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    Winter makes me start thinking of spring and the small pleasures to be had.  These Star Magnolias on Harrison street in front of Thierry Despont’s offices are beautiful.

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