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  • Our petition to protect Tribeca is 65 names short of our goal.  Sign here so we can deliver it to the elected officials.   We are one of the plaintiffs in the lawsuit over public access to the specifically landmarked interior gallery space of this landmarked building.  The city sold off the building to a […]

  •      Research Says Good Neighborhoods Matter for Kids But How, Exactly?  And what makes a neighborhood “Good”?   The New York Times recently reported on research done by a team from the National Bureau of  Economic Research and Harvard University. Using tax returns and survey data, the team tracked “success indicators” about families and children as […]

  • Meet one of the new faces of preservation, Tracy Weller. Tracy is a Tribeca Trust board member, actress, mother, fierce preservationist, puppeteer, and all around creative force here in Tribeca.  Her riveting artists website is here.  She has been preoccupied of late as she writes and rehearses her own one-woman show entitled JARRING.  It opens […]

  •   How is the Integrity of Historic Districts Maintained? Historic Districts are cultural assets.  Their integrity is a real problem.  “Architectural integrity is defined as “those qualities in a building and its site that give it meaning and value” (Morton and Hume, cited in Murtagh, 2005). It is very clear that from both preservation law […]

  • This is a great idea. Alessandra Galletti of the Tribeca Trust board has been pitching parklets for a while.  Everyone at Tribeca Trust has been enthusiastic, although parklets are a bit of a headscratcher in terms of getting set up.  We wanted to do one for Finn Square but Con-Ed got grumpy.  So last summer, […]

  • A place unlike any other The country of Yemen has many non-architectural tragedies to deal with. It is a failed state. There is more or less anarchy going on, civil war, declining oil prices, a failed popular movement for more democracy and clean government, the operations of a terrorist network and U.S. drone strikes. Yet […]

  • I was asked some questions about historic districts recently.  So I decided to work up good answers.  Here is the short of it. What is a historic district? A historic district is a neighborhood knitted together by some visual commonality and historical experience. The National Register of Historic Places defines it as “a geographically definable […]

  • Update on the Shenanigans at 172 Duane and the Fate of Duane Park   Over the summer there was a neighborhood uproar on Duane Street over a glass building to be cantilevered on top of 172 Duane. The truly awful solipsistic glass design (completely anti-contextual) had the full approval of the Bloomberg Landmarks Preservation Commission […]

  • [ Photo:  St. John’s Chapel at Vestry and Ericcson Place, 1916. Scaffolding is going up at 31 Desbrosses to tear down the great Sonn Whiskey Warehouse.  67 Vestry is still under threat.  59 Franklin has a demolition permit.  Occupants are being kicked out of 59 Warren.   The demolition permits are everywhere. Towers keep springing […]

  • Those who live around the Seaport have been valiantly fighting a nasty and manipulative effort by the Howard Hughes Corp to “skyscraper up” and generally wreak havoc on what is left of the historic seaport after the debacle of urban renewal there in the 1960s. We in Tribeca know what it is like to be in […]

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