Joseph Mitchell was a staff writer for the New Yorker in the 1960′s.  I mentioned last week about the recent excerpt of his forthcoming memoir that was in the New Yorker.  In it, he describes falling into a terrible depression, going back and forth from his home in the Carolinas to NYC.  He felt he belonged nowhere.  Then, on one of his many walks, he was wandering the “force-evacuated” Washington Market neighborhood (where Freedom Tower is and where Independence Plaza is).  Back then, it looked like 19th century brick Tribeca, except the businesses and residents had been told to clear out (see the great book, The Destruction of Lower Manhattan).   And suddenly his depression lifted.  We are left hanging on for more and guessing why and wondering what he saw and how he was thinking, but that is when the excerpt ends.   Guess we have to buy the book when it comes out.