We are sad to report if you have not heard already, that Oliver Ellsworth Allen died on April 15 from pneumonia.  Many of you remember that his wife Deborah Allen, died a few years ago.

Oliver was a well-known journalist who retired to Tribeca where he fell in love with Tribeca’s history and architecture.  He was famous for his rigorous morning walks throughout the neighborhood.  He was named Community Historian for Lower Manhattan in 1999.  He wrote several books about New York City and Tribeca including Tales of Old Tribeca and Tribeca: A Pictorial History, as well as 150 articles for the Tribeca Trib.

In addition to writing, Allen was a preservationist who aided mightily in the first round effort to get Tribeca designated as a historic district.  He also cofounded with Lynn Ellsworth the Friends of Duane Park in 1994.

We will never forget Oliver’s enthusiasm for Tribeca and its history.  We always admired his belief in volunteering for your community.  We hope that you think of him as you pass by Duane Park.

Photo Source: Tribeca Trib