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Statement of the Honorary Arts Committee for the Defense of Tribeca

We, the undersigned, all members of the Tribeca arts community, ask the Mayor, the City Council, and the Landmarks Preservation Commission to better protect the architectural and urban heritage of Tribeca. This neighborhood is all that is left of our city’s connection to the world’s largest produce market, the now-demolished Washington Market. Walking the streets of Tribeca, visitors are connected to the tumultuous history of our city’s early commercial and industrial transformation, one that was pushed forward by the area’s connection by rail and boat to small farmers the world over.

The visual integrity of this architectural and urban heritage is now being eroded by inappropriate and excessive development.  We call on the city to expand the boundaries of Tribeca’s historic districts and to modify the zoning to ensure the long-term survival of one of the city’s great cultural assets.

The undersigned:

Mel Bochner – painter
Hal Bromm – gallerist
William Duggan – writer
Alain Kirili – sculptor
Ariane Lopez-Huici – photographer
Lizbeth Marano – filmmaker
Paul Pagk – painter
Tracy Weller – actress & writer
Laurie Spiegel – composer
John Willenbecher – painter
Amanda Millet-Sorsa – Painter
Todd Stone – Painter
Heide Fasnacht – Visual artist
David Diao – Artist
Joan Jonas – Artist
Jean Holabird – Painter
Rebecca Smith – Sculptor
John Newman – Sculptor
Craig Fisher – Painter
Perry Bard – Media/installation arist
Ed Fields – Writer
Gigi Salomon – Urban Planner/Gallerist/Documentarian
Bonnie Rychlak – Artist/curator
Katia Santibanez – Visual artist
Rodrigo Salomon – Gallerist/filmaker
Nancy Barber – Artist
William Stone – Artist
Christina Schlesinger – Painter
Robert Ripps – Photographer
Margaret Krug – Painter
Doneley Meris – Writer-Editor
Maureen Connor – Artist
Nancy Fried – Sculptor
Robin Brouillette – Fashion Designer
Lydia Dona – Painter
Elyn Zimmerman – Artist
Bobbie Oliver – Painter
Judith Hudson – Painter
Mary Miss – Artist
Hermine Ford – Painter
Joanne Greenbaum – Artist
George Peck – Installations, painting, sculpture
Michelle Jaffé – Sculptor / Media Installation Artist
Andrew Arnot – Art Dealer
Sique Spence – Gallerist
Robert Moskowitz – Artist
Kate McCamy – Writer
Carole De Saram – Community Activist
Donna Dennis – Sculptor
Hal Saulson – Artist
Margaret Dessau – Photographer
Andrew Spence – Painter
Prudence Carlson – Writer/art critic
Richard Beckett – Artist
Joanna Molloy – Writer
Thomas Kovachevich – Painter
Barbara Bloom – Visual artist
Jodi Panas – Draw
Gregory Hilton – Painter
Jeannie Weissglass – Painter
Joseph DeSalvo – Cinematographer
Donald Sultan – PAINTER (ARTIST)
Ellen Brooks – Artist
Greg Drasler – Painter
Wayne Bartlett – Sculptor
Ellen Breslow Newhouse – Writer/marketer
Andrea Blum – Artist
Chuck Levey – Film
Mari Jo Winkler-Ioffreda – Filmmaker
Jill Godmilow – Filmmaker
Julie Matsumoto – Graphic Design
Deborah Kopinski – Ikebana flower artist
Cecilia Vicuna – Poet/visual artist
Jonathan Hollander – Choreographer
Mimi Gross – Painter
Arlene Shechet – Sculptor
Yoko Toda – Artist
Carol Collins – Artist painter
Becky Howland – Artist
Claude GOODWIN – Artist
Valerie Carmet – Mosaic designer
Erick Johnson – Painter
Edward Ioffreda – Graphic Designer
Aura Rosenberg – Artist
Cora Cohen – Artist
Nan Bush – Designer
Bruce Weber – Photographer
David Row – Artist – Painter, Printmaker, Sculptor
Andrea Belag – Painter
Jon Gibson – Composer, performer, visual artist
Dorothea Rockburne – Painter
Steve Swell – Music
Jennifer Cecere – Visual Artist
Betsy Berne – Writer
Roland Gebhardt – Sculptor
Martin Vahtra – Architect
Tricia Joyce – Photography rep
Todd Burris – Photographer
Zhenya Merkulova – Architect
Orshi Drozdik – Artist
Mel Kendrick – Sculptor
Bettina Blohm – Painter
Alexandra Neil – Actor/Writer
Richard Connerney – Writer
Richard Connerney – Writer
John Jiler – Writer
Nancy Baker – Film Editor
Sarah Raymond – Interior Designer
Monica Forrestall – Painter / Writer / Art Director
Pat Oleszko – Performance, mixed media
Meredith Monk – Singer/Composer
William Charles Williams – Emeritus Professor of Literature and the Humanities
Paul D Miller Dj Spooky – Artist
Eve Meltzer – Art Historian
Yvette Georges Deeton – Documentary filmmaker
Christopher Deeton – Painter
Larry Loonin – Director/actor/writer
Lyle Grams – Painter/printmaker
Lynda Caspe – Painter, Sculptor, Published Poet
Andrew Ross – Writer
Skip Blumberg – TV producer, video artist, founder/President of Friends of City Hall Park
Diana Kingsley – Visual artist
Jana Haimsohn – Artist
Sandy McLeod – Filmmaker
Susan Milano – Video artist
Lauren Ewing – Artist
Mira Schor – Painter
Lisa Crafts – Moving Image Artist
Jeanette Stoner – Chorographer
Matthew Geller – Artist
Carter Hodgkin – Painter
CL Callahan – Artist
L.C. Armstrong – Artist (painter)
John Torreano – Artist
Donald Sultan – Painter
Holly Fisher – Filmmaker
Joni Scully – Painter/poet
Jennifer Nevins – Supporter
Ken Jacobs – Film artist
Stephen Ellis – Painter
Robert Janz – Artist
Jennifer Kotter – Artist
Melissa Kretschmer – Artist
Carl Andre – Sculptor
Isabel Rose – Writer/performer
Kate Taverna – Filmmaker, artist
Alan Adelson – Writer/documentary filmmaker
Judith S Miller – Artist
Carolyn Oberst – Painter
Jeffrey Way – Artist
Bill Barrett – Sculptor and Painter
Emily Sorkin – Curator, artist
David Greenberg – Photographer
Fay Chin – Artist
Eileen Herman – Artist / Painter
Jon Robin Baitz – Playwright
Joan Greenberg – Mosaic Artist
Merri Milwe – Stage director
Sandi Slone – Artist
Sandi Slone – Artist
Michael Attias – Musician
Jane Freeman – Artist, writer
Scott Wixon – Painter
Keith Long – Sculptor
Karen Bernard – Choreographer/Performer
Stephen Grillo – Painter
Regina Silvers – Visual Artist (Painter)
Jean Grillo – Playwright
Christine Hughes – Painter
Jane Goldberg – Tap Dancer, Tap Historian, writer
Owen Gray – Painter
Susan Lyall – Costume Designer
Roland Flexner – Artist
Nancy Davidson – Sculptor
Adger Cowans – Painter/photographer
Eileen Bermingham – Supporter
Judy Somerville – Artist
Max Miller – Painter
Marina Adams – Painter
Robert Feintuch – Painter
James Siena – Painter
Gwenn Thomas – Painter
Debora Barrett – Ceramic Artist
Naoto Nakagawa – Fine Art Painter
Kathleen Kucka – Artist – curator
Mitchell Lichtenstein – Filmmaker
Carla Bauer – Printmaker
Vivian Bower – Painter
Jacqueline Miro – Architect
Jacqueline Miro-abreu – Architect
Sophie White – Painter
Terry Berkowitz – Artist
Jamie Gordon – Filmmaker
April Gornik – Painter
Suzan Courtney – Artist/Painter
Barbara Siegel – Artist
Maura Sheehan – Artist/Educataor
Susan Hall – Visual Artist
Suzanne Joelson – Artist
Marianne Van Lent – Painter
James Rosenquist – Painter
Mimi Thompson – Writer
Lisa Kaye – Producer – supporter
Julie Eisenberg Pitman – Collagist
Kim Richmond – Graphic Designer
Donna Ferrato – Photographer
Kes Zapkus – Painter
Susan Smith – Artist/baker
Keiko Deguchi – Film Editor
Nancy Owens – Artist/landscape architect
Stephen Westfall – Painter, writer, teacher
Judith Murray – Painter
Shefali K. Friesen – Musician
Bob Yasuda – Painter
Jen Zhao – Web designer
Carey Lovelace – Writer/Curator
Denise Roche – Neighbor/lover
Carrie Tuhy – Writer
Bette Gordon – Prsofessor and filmmaker
Joel Perlman – Sculptor
Maria Zerres – Painter
Frank Schroder – Painter
Babe Shapiro – Artist
Claire Seidl – Painter
Joan Waltemath – Painter
Geraldine Pontius – Architect
Alida Porter – Fiber Artist
Jean Feinberg – Painter
Jen Zhao – Designer
Walton Ford – Artist
Rand Hardy – Sculptor
Janet Goldner – Visual artist
Merle Temkin – Painter
Jacqueline Gourevitch – Painter/Artist
Elizabeth Berdann – Visual artist
James Ryan – Playwright/Screenwriter/Director
Cynthia Eardley – Sculptor
Lauren Evans – Fashion Designer
Tom Evans – Painter
Alexis Maestre-Saborit – Sculptor
Alexis Maestre-Saborit – Painter-Sculptor
Victoria Hillstrom – Designer
Nick Porter – Patiner
Pamela Moore – Mixed Media Photography
Tracy Gill – Artist, gallerist, art historian
Simeon Lagodich – Painter, gallerist, period frame restorer
Ivanjam Ivanjam – Legal

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