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Then with the click of one button, you can email City Councilmember Margaret Chin, Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer, and Community Board #1  with the pre-written letter below.  You will be letting them know that 137 Centre Street needs to be protected from demolition and rehabbed into 100% affordable housing, without vandalizing the building with air transfers. 

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Dear Councilmember Chin, Borough President Gale Brewer,and Members of Community Board 1,

We are dismayed that the Economic Development Corporation is targeting 137 Centre Street for an inappropriate development plan that involves a combination of demolition and air transfers and a ridiculous overscaled tower that destroys all sense of place and context at that block, the intersection of Tribeca, Chinatown, and Soho.

We urge you to recall your previous public commitments to expand Tribeca’s Historic Districts, a project that clearly included 137 Centre Street as well as its architectural twin, 139 Centre Street.

The best plan for the building is for it NOT to be demolished, that it be transferred by long-term lease to a community land trust for rehabilitation into 100% affordable housing in the paradigm of adaptive re-use. We believe that it is possible to rehab that building to create about 66 housing units (depending on how you treat and count the square footage). We also believe that the housing thus created should be given partially to seniors in the area and partially to the many people in Tribeca and Chinatown displaced by the spate of teardowns. In Tribeca, many of those displaced residents were in live-work loft spaces and did small scale manufacturing, which could then be sold in the ground floor retail spaces.

We are very much opposed to any air transfers, as the bulding rightly belongs in Tribeca East Historic district, and a new tower would destroy the sense of place and context and history that already exists at the site. Additional Thoughts:


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