There are Now  Twenty Buildings in Tribeca Under Threat of Demoliton – Part 1

The buildings photographed below fit historically and architecturally with Tribeca East, North, and South historic districts in terms of use and style. The fit is so great you wonder why they were excluded from the historic district in the first place.  It is unfathomable.  All of them even share full borders with the historic districts.  And there are in fact more humble buildings than the ones pictured here already protected in Tribeca.  Why not these?

New towers on these sites would seriously damage the public values of the historic districts in Tribeca and imperil the human scaled character of this area.  Yet the issue goes beyond historic preservation. Collectively, the twenty buildings under threat account for 110 rent-stabilized apartment units in Tribeca. The buildings also house some 50 small Mom & Pop businesses, which the Small Business Survival Act proposes to protect. Will it be too late for all of these Tribeca residents and businesses?   Here are five of the threatened buildings.

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IMG_4170 DSC01350 DSC01360

358 Bway/59 Franklin, Block 171, Lot 5

358 Bway/57 Franklin, Block 171, lot 5