The first photo shows quite an astonishing pile at 407 Broadway, taken around 1900.  It is between Walker and Lispenard Streets, on the west side of the street.  It was a bank on the ground floor and other commercial enterprises that you can see in the windows.   I am intrigued by the glimpse of the building at the right. That may have been a bathhouse (it is now a parking lot). This old pile is gone but was eventually replaced by another bank — Manufacturer’s Trust – which is shown in the middle photo (photo from Museum of the City of New York).  The last photo shows how the 2nd incarnation on this site has been poorly renovated. It is occupied by a branch of the Chase Manhattan Bank.  The building is in the Tribeca East Historic District.  For fun story-telling about the first bank, see this great post from the blog “Daytonian in Manhattan”