Dear Tribeca Neighbors,

Given the scale of recent demolition in our neighborhood, Tribeca’s future is hanging in the balance. If we don’t act now to extend the boundaries of our historic districts, it may be too late.

Hundreds of important Tribeca buildings were left out of the first historic district designations in 1991-3. With contributions of many of you, Tribeca Trust has done the necessary research on those unprotected buildings to prove they merit inclusion in our historic districts. We have given the Landmarks Preservation Commission (LPC) our research and maps of what should be protected. They have now kindly given us a meeting to discuss the issue.

Now is the time for us and the LPC to act. There is no reason to delay. Every corner of Tribeca is threatened.

Please take a minute to take action for Tribeca.

1. Click this link (on some machines you have to copy the link- this is a browser dependent problem) and fill out the form to send a message to the new Chair of the LPC, Ms. Meenakshi Srinivasan:

2. In the Message section, paste the following (and feel free to add other comments or thoughts):

Dear Ms. Srinivasan,

Please calendar Tribeca immediately for a hearing to expand its historic districts.

Your Name and Affiliation

3. Share this message with your neighbors and friends or post in your lobby.

If you would like to learn more, help out or have ideas about how our community can win this, browse our website (, contact us, and sign up on the website for our newsletter.


The Board of Tribeca Trust