These are just the first 300 or so….

  1. Stop the high rises that are dwarfing northern Tribeca. Insist on new development that is more sensitively integrated into the scale and character of the existing neighborhood. If oversized, undistinguished new construction continues unchecked at its current alarming pace, the charm and character of this unique architectural neighborhood will be lost very soon, and forever. The wall of high rises going up along West Street is also cutting the neighborhood off from the Hudson River it was designed to support in a unique architectural relationship.


  1. Once Tribeca loses its charm, it loses its character, and once that goes, so too do the prospective owners of the luxury apartments that are threatening to actually make it an unappealing neighborhood. In other words, be careful not to cut your nose off to spite your face. The demographic that wants to live in Tribeca wants to get a coffee at a local cafe, not a Starbucks, and once that’s gone, there goes the draw.


  1. Please help us save Tribeca.


  1. We very much need to preserve and protect the Tribeca neighborhood, which means not destroying the buildings that make up this unique area. It also means not allowing large buildings that do not fit the scale or architecture of neighborhood to dominate and take away from the overall fabric and feeling of history that does make this such a wonderful place to visit and live.


  1. Please protect Tribeca.


  1. The sky in Tribeca is being replaced by glass and brick. Do you really want this neighborhood to look like Houston? (Not that there’s anything wrong with Houston but….) If Tribeca disappears into corridors of glass and brick, we will have allowed a treasure to be destroyed.


  1. Please protect TriBeCa.


  1. Responsible development means protecting neighborhoods. Wall Street should stay where it is and not make Tribeca into Wall Street North!


  1. New York’s eclectic mix of old and new keeps it relevant, interesting and textured. Poor zoning has resulted in the homogenizing of the city!


  1. Please protect the architectural and historical heritage of Tribeca.


  1. Higher buildings also increase ground level wind speed, creating a harsher environment for people. As a long time advocate for Tribeca’s street trees, higher buildings also damage and kill street trees as a result from the greater stress on them through water loss, loss of light, and wind damage.


  1. Save the city.


  1. The charm of the neighborhood will be lost if we don’t try to preserve the historical integrity of the buildings.


  1. We need to save TriBeCa from getting ruined.


  1. Please help preserve what we have all grown to love.


  1. Please don’t destroy the beauty and charm of the neighborhood we all love and adore.


  1. As a painter who has lived in the same loft since 1969 with my painter husband, Sanford Wurmfeld, I have seen huge changes to my neighborhood, which sadly is no longer affordable by practicing artists. Its character has been completely altered by real estate developers who are given tax breaks. We now live with the incessant sound of construction noise as one tall building after another goes up, to be occupied infrequently, if at all, by overseas money-launderers, not to mention the loss of sky as each new building carves away at the light and air. We need to curtail the greed that motivates such development. Studies have been done that show that people thrive in small buildings where they know their neighbors. The streetscape of much of Tribeca is getting to be like the rest of Manhattan: crowded and anonymous. Small shopkeepers are being forced out due to demolition or soaring rents. It’s a sad state of affairs for those of us who remember the sense of place and scale of Tribeca before it was so named by the real estate industry! I’m all for progress, but let’s not lose sight of its history, economic diversity, and the idea of human scale, before we give away the neighborhood entirely.


  1. Speculators and financial institutions are building another house of cards. Not only gambling with other people’s money; they are fundamentally gutting our thriving community.


  1. I used to live there. Save it!


  1. Save the neighborhood!


  1. Please keep FARs as they are. Please don’t allow eyesore non-contextual towers.


  1. Keep human scale and character of TriBeCa. It is priceless.


  1. I am strongly opposed to the proposed rezoning of Tribeca. Large, new buildings of luxury condos are going up all over Tribeca. They are irrevocably changing the neighborhood and displacing long-standing residents and local small businesses. Vote down this proposal and stop the gutting of our neighborhood!


  1. It saddens me already how drastically our neighborhood has been impacted by tall buildings like the one on Murray Street and the new glass tower on Church and Leonard. Please help Tribeca retain its uniqueness and charm.


  1. As a third generation Manhattanite, former student of architecture, and granddaughter of a former Chief Civil Engineer of Manhattan (Anthony J. Donargo) it truly saddens me to see the unique aesthetics and defining characteristics of our neighborhoods disappearing. As an employee of the historic Ear Inn for the past 8 years, I have come to love yet another special neighborhood. Please don’t let it be destroyed!


  1. I’ve lived in Tribeca for 19 years and it pains me to see what the developers are allowed to build here. It’s so important to me to preserve our historic neighborhood.


  1. I join in the petition.


  1. Our beautiful historic neighborhood is being overbuilt and overcrowded and is danger of losing the character that connects it to its past. It is time to preserve what is left of that connection and to support the small businesses that enhance the quality of life for the neighborhood and the city at large. Please don’t destroy it!


  1. Please don’t erase the history that makes this city and the character that makes this neighborhood so special. Please don’t further destroy the little quality of life we have by overburdening infrastructure, schools, parking and the very few family-owned businesses remaining.


  1. Will there be any character left in our city when greed gets done with it? Good job! No one will want to live in our bland city anymore!


  1. The proposed zoning laws will do harm to the character of the neighborhood.


  1. The mayor seems to have a vendetta against us, under the guise of affordable housing. Ironic that he is actually promoting the expansion of unaffordable housing, and replacement of small businesses with large scale and/or upscale businesses for organizations and individuals with deep pockets.


  1. I do not want to lose the architectural historical value of our neighborhood. I do not want to see it replaced with inappropriate large-scaled buildings that do not belong in our HISTORIC DISTRICT. We have already lost a great many buildings that should not have been destroyed. THIS HAS TO STOP!!!


  1. We are long time residents of Tribeca. It is inappropriate to change the neighborhood in this way. We pay taxes which increase as our property values increase and participate in local issues. If the neighborhood loses its character, it will decrease business and quality of life. To protect everything that is good about Tribeca, we feel that this is a vital request.


  1. If destroyed, this neighborhood can never be reclaimed.


  1. Please halt the inappropriate and excessive high-end development that is ruining the fabric and nature of our historic neighborhood. This is a potentially tragic trend, and a deeply sad legacy for those in a position to determine what happens.


  1. Since we moved to Tribeca in 1995, we’ve seen so much of it disappear because of development. The small businesses and architectural scale that originally made it attractive will be lost if the city does not embrace the recommendations of the Tribeca Trust.


  1. Keep TriBeCa the beautiful community that it is. High rises belong to the south, near Wall St., or north, in midtown. Keep our local businesses and loft tenants. Developers do not need more giveaways.


  1. I am totally against this policy. Tribeca is a historic district and should be off limits to overdevelopment by real estate developers looking to exploit the neighborhood. As a 25-year resident I am prepared to fight this any way I can!


  1. I support Tribeca Trust’s efforts to better protect Tribeca’s architectural and historical heritage.


  1. Please stop TriBeCa from becoming a canyon.


  1. Save Tribeca.


  1. Please protect out neighborhoods from thoughtless and predatory developers!


  1. Tribeca has a unique character due to its architecture of human scale and the style of its loft buildings. That is what makes it so attractive to people. Don’t take away its precious human elements and kill what’s so precious to us here. Thoughtless development will destroy it.


  1. Tribeca’s history and culture is worth preserving!!! And so is the diversity of New York City’s neighborhoods. Please don’t let this special place disappear.


  1. We call on city government to expand the boundaries of Tribeca’s historic districts and to modify the zoning to ensure the long-term survival and human-scale of one of the city’s great cultural assets. NEVER DEMOLISH HISTORICAL ARCHITECTURE, WHICH IS THE DEFINING CHARACTERISTIC OF OUR NEIGHBORHOOD.


  1. This is very bad for Tribeca and doesn’t address affordability.


  1. Luxury housing, 54-storied modern-ugly design, glass, concrete and steel (design so common and undistinguished)…the cheapest possible construction to shoehorn as many people as possible into a vulnerable area which once was so creatively and artistically lovely. Total lack of respect for the historical nature of this neighborhood and its earlier architectural designs and inhabitants. People with more money relishing the destruction of respectfully artistic structures and life styles. Artists, musicians, actors, & writers who came here in the ’70s are booted out…shameful disrespect in exchange for high-rise undistinguished junk boxes.


  1. We need to protect authenticity, and of course diversity, of our city neighborhoods. Not to mention the historic value of some of these buildings, which deserve protection too.


  1. Tribeca is my favorite part of New York. I am proud to live here.


  1. I served on Community Board 1 from 1974 to 1986 and on the Zoning Committee that drafted the original Lower Manhattan Mixed Use District that is Tribeca. We had very specific wishes to retain the historic nature of the area and its FAR, height and density. We deliberately tried to limit the maximum height of new development. The new regulations make a travesty of our intentions and should be stopped.


  1. Our historic neighborhood is being destroyed by new development. If we don’t stop it there will be nothing left but yet another soulless strip mall.


  1. This is a historic district and it should be protected. Do NOT let the developers ruin this historic beautiful family neighborhood. Thanks.


  1. Save the Raccoon.






  1. I agree completely with the petition statement.


  1. We wish to protect the qualities that attracted us to own property in the neighborhood. As a journalist who covers the arts, I see an architectural heritage that must be preserved by sensitive zoning, even as it allows for genuine economic stability and authentic street life, not “shadow poison.” As a resident, I respect Tribeca Trust’s long-sightedness and analysis of what is at stake.


  1. Please stop overdeveloping the neighborhood I have lived in and loved since 1990.


  1. The character and amenity of Tribeca is being sold off. The neighbourhood will lose its individuality and appeal.


  1. Work in tribeca and want to save this block!


  1. Please do not take away the charm and historic value of this neighborhood! We do not need more luxury housing. NYC is supposed to be a city of diversity—let’s keep it that way.




  1. Even though this isn’t my neighborhood, I am concerned about the number of high-rise buildings that destroy the personality of some wonderful neighborhoods in Manhattan. Also, there are only so many people that can cram into these areas without destroying the quality of life.


  1. I support this initiative in the interest of keeping Tribeca a mixed income and viable neighborhood for a diversity of people including small business owners and long-time residents.


  1. It’s a great place to hang out and meet new people.




  1. I have lived in TriBeCa since the 70’s and I have watched dramatic change, when the building that I now live in went up (54 floors) was allowed it was because there were affordable apartments included in an 80/20 plan. Now every building that goes up is taller then the last. At the very least require these new building to jive with the older more beautiful building that have been in this neighboorhood for over 100 years and don’t get rid of affordable housing. People are not objects to be discarded!


  1. Protect this historic and cultural gem of a neighborhood. They have paid their dues with endurance from the World Trade Tragedy, as well.


  1. Please stop the development of this area. As a construction worker who works in the area. I and others are dependent on the stores and businesses to help our lives. The commuting takes much time so we depend on these places for quality of life.


  1. Stop predator developers from ejecting those who settled Tribeca 45 years ago. The middle class is being forced out. The infrastructure of the neighborhood cannot service more and more families without more public facilities like schools, public parks, etc.


  1. I am a long-time Tribeca resident (over 30 years). It is distressing to see my neighborhood lose its character, convenience and moral center as unscrupulous, greedy developers raise rents (forcing small businesses to close) and raze historical buildings (forcing us to become an over-urbanized concrete jungle). Pardon my pun—but we should not pardon or allow inappropriate development!


  1. +Greenwich St. between Harrison & North Moore: 9 small retailers and restaurants closed in a two year period

+1 block of Reade street: three of the three small retail shops closed in one year plus the human-sized NY Sports Club.

+Church Street between Warren & Murray street: the entire block being bulldozed containing small (affordable) restaurants, including the famous “Raccoon Lodge” frequented by such diverse groups as the Hells Angels, neighborhood policeman, the opening night after-party of the Tribeca Film Festival, Wall Streeters, movie stars, and 70 year-old downtown pioneers. The new development wraps two stores into the side streets on either side as well.

+20-foot-long, one-foot-thick, 120-year-old granite sidewalks that line the streets destroyed without thought along with every new building. And so, so much more!


  1. Longtime business owner in TribeCa.


  1. Now that there are not any empty lots left, buildings of architectural significance are being torn down to make room for more development. We are also losing our longtime cherished retailers, who support the needs of our community. These storefronts are being replaced with chain stores/banks with little connection to our needs or worse still sit vacant for years. Action needs to be taken while there is still something left to save.


  1. I am urging & protesting to preserve historic district of this neighborhood.


  1. We want Tribeca to retain its original reasons of why most us come to live here: the feeling of its history, its quietness, the light and beautiful architecture of this small town we call home and choose to raise our family 46 years ago.


  1. There are more than enough luxury buildings in Tribeca.


  1. I don’t live in TriBeCa, but I would if there was more affordable housing; however my two children attend elementary school at PS150 in Tribeca.


  1. Save Tribeca.


  1. Save Tribeca!!!!


  1. If you know someone that can remember Cheese of all Nations, Bazzinis, Martinson’s Coffee, Art On The Beech, just to names a few places in the neighborhood back in 1977, you will have a good conversation…38 years…




  1. As a grandparent who often visits our grandson in Tribeca, I am amazed at the wondrous availability of opportunities for children in this community. The parks, schools and leisure activities are excellent…please don’t change this. What a rare neighborhood in the busiest city in the world!


  1. I have rented space in 71 West Broadway for 28 years and am now losing my studio with the sale of my building.


  1. There are no stores left in Tribeca and very few places to buy food!!!


  1. Please keep our neighborhood livable.


  1. Lived there before trade center was built…22 years worth…hope some of the old stuff gets saved.


  1. Save the Raccoon Lodge!


  1. I work near this neighborhood and patronize many of its businesses. It is a vital and thriving part of the community and should be preserved as is.


  1. Save Tribeca.


  1. Loyal patron of several independent Tribeca businesses affected by condo development.


  1. I love that bar!


  1. Don’t tear down the Raccoon Lodge!


  1. Save Tribeca.


  1. I was born and raised in Tribeca and my mother still lives there.


  1. We value our neighbors and are fighting to keep long-lasting businesses here in our community.


  1. Please save the small businesses of Tribeca!


  1. The best bar ever!!!


  1. Save the Raccoon!!!


  1. I’ve lived here for 40 years as an artist. So sad what is happening here. Not very many artists can afford to live here anymore. Rent stabilization has so far saved me. But…for how long?


  1. Tribeca is full of beautiful old buildings. Please do everything possible to preserve them.


  1. I have lived in downtown Jersey City and worked in lower Manhattan for 20 years. I have been a long-time patron of the Raccoon Lodge in TriBeCa. This business is a landmark establishment for not only New Yorkers but for New Jerseyans as well. Please declare this site a historical part of New York City and preserve the integrity of TriBeCa.


  1. Tribeca – 40 years.


  1. Best bar in NYC !!




  1. Save Tribeca!


  1. Bars like the Raccoon Lodge with a rich history in Tribeca must be saved. We do NOT need more luxury housing in Manhattan!




  1. Preserve the landmarks, please!


  1. We need to save the businesses that recovered after 9/11. The Raccoon Lodge is a legendary neighborhood fixture. It will be a travesty for that place to no longer be where it is. It is a place where suits and hard hats can share conversation and beers.


  1. Could we have a sense of proportion please in development? And buildings that fit the character. There have been several that hew to this on Greenwich St around the 388 complex just north, and the hotel as well. What is it with the behemoths on Varick? How did this come about?


  1. Worked on Murray St for many years.


  1. I lived in TriBeCa for 4 years before moving farther downtown, but I still regard TriBeCa as home. It’s a refuge for a Manhattan neighborhood to hold on to its personality while still reflecting progress. There have been smart projects and renovations and I would love to see thought of what TriBeCa represents to its residents as well as to the tapestry of Manhattan by choosing smart plans, designs, and a manageable path of urban sprawl by respecting and acknowledging its past, which ultimately affects its future.


  1. They tore down Penn Station and it was a terrible mistake. Don’t let’s do the same thing to Tribeca– one of NYC’s most beautiful neighborhoods.


  1. I stand with this committee.


  1. I concur—buildings have been constructed without concern for what this area looked like and should look like in the future.


  1. Buildings and neighborhood businesses are being torn down all around us. The natural light is disappearing with all of the high rises. Tribeca is already too crowded and losing its neighborhood and historic feeling. Please stop these developments.


  1. In addition, the looming buildings crowd our air space and choke the sun.


  1. 30 years.


  1. Keep Tribeca beautiful!


  1. I worked in TriBeCa 14 years and I don’t want to see the businesses destroyed to build condos.


  1. We love Saleya and are super sad that it’s going away.


  1. Please don’t turn Church St. into 5th avenue and Tribeca into the UES. We already have one of those. Preserve New York.


  1. You can never go back.


  1. Family with young kids.


  1. Please put an end to the destruction of this historic neighborhood!


  1. Please save Tribeca!


  1. I know Tribeca is unique; I don’t have to live there.


  1. Historic Tribeca can never be rebuilt. Please do not destroy our history in the interest of a commodity culture. What kind of legacy is that?


  1. This neighborhood is a landmark. It deserves to be preserved.


  1. Please re-zone and landmark TriBeCa before it loses its character.


  1. I am very upset by the loss of so many small businesses and affordable conveniences that are fast disappearing due to greed. We need some limits and some protections put in place for small businesses and middle-income residents like at IPN where I have lived for more than 20 years.


  1. Protect TriBeCa from overzealous developers. This is an important historical area and must be preserved.


  1. It would be nice if the Raccoon Lodge could be saved. 33 years should count for something. Thanks you for all your work!


  1. Please protect Tribeca from over development.


  1. Leave Tribeca as it is….


  1. Protect Tribeca!


  1. Save the Raccoon!


  1. Stop the insanity. I LOVE THE RACCOON LODGE!


  1. We need the Raccoon to stay where it is! It is a part of our history!!


  1. Please stop the excessive development that is ruining the historic nature of this neighborhood.


  1. I completely endorse the statement contained in this petition. Low-level buildings on unsightly parking lots are one thing, even though they have obstructed the sunlit northern view that I encountered when moving to Tribeca in 1993; but the monstrously inappropriate high rises that now bookend Tribeca from Leonard to Park Place are grossly out of place and reflect development run amok. If something isn’t done to slow the pace of development, all those kids in strollers will be living in a concrete canyon by the time they hit middle school!


  1. I ran my business in a commercial loft at 85 Leonard Street for almost 30 years. I left in 2000. I loved this neighborhood and have many friends that live and lived there. Please save this important neighborhood for our New York is vanishing. Make a stand here and make a difference.


  1. Resident since 2001.


  1. No more luxury condos!


  1. I have lived in Tribeca since 1996; my husband has been here since 1975.

I rented a studio (for my business) at 13-17 Laight Street for over 18 years, but was forced out earlier this year because the building has been sold (and resold) and is being redeveloped.


  1. Please protect the architectural and historical heritage of Tribeca.


  1. I have grown up on Tribeca my entire life. I have seen it change drastically, some good, some terrible. The terrible is the cookie-cutter luxury housing that has caused TriBeCa to lose the integrity of its community, once full of life and art and affordable fun things to do and eat, now turning into more of a financial district that can be found in any other city. Please help keep NYC be what it is and let the locals live affordably, and not run out by non-NYC natives whose luxury condos do not add to our world-renowned culture.


  1. Let’s take care of Tribeca. :)


  1. As 56 Leonard St. grinds higher and higher every day, the importance of preserving this historic neighborhood becomes even more critical.


  1. I call on City government to expand the boundaries of Tribeca’s historic districts and to modify the zoning to ensure the long-term survival and human-scale of one of the city’s great cultural assets.


  1. Since 1993.


  1. I have lived in Tribeca 19 years, and seen the dissolution of the neighborhood’s character and retail merchants. Tribeca has very little of its history left. Please stop the erosion.




  1. Please keep Tribeca beautiful!


  1. No more development at the expense of heritage! Look at cities like Bruges in Belgium and take a lesson.


  1. I lived at 74 Leonard Street for 16 years and had offices at 443 Greenwich Street and 81 Worth Street.


  1. I am an artist in building 61 Warren St, 4 fl, and it would be a tragedy to build more unnecessary condos, displacing artist and historical buildings. It just seems insane to keep doing this to every inch of our amazing city!! Please stop!


  1. Thank you from residents of over 40 years.


  1. Save our neighborhood!!!!!! Developers don’t care! I have lived here for over 20 years and am disheartened by the development.


  1. In just the last couple months we watched 3 wonderful local businesses move out (all small neighborhood retail) because of unsustainable rent increases. While I do not oppose progress and growth, it must be reined in. We also have enormous school overcrowding concerns in the area, and the more high rises that come on line, the worse the educational offerings will become for neighborhood residents. Please stop the insanity…


  1. It is vital to protect the artist and small business community in this neighborhood that make it so vibrant, interesting, and attractive to prospective residents… If we wash out this community with bland chain stores and characterless residential developments, the neighborhood will lose its appeal and value.


  1. This is a precious party of our city’s culture and heritage. Keep it alive for us all!


  1. Please extend the boundaries of the TrIBeCa historic district.


  1. Tribeca is a precious part of New York City’s cultural heritage. This heritage belongs to and benefits the people of the city and must be protected for future generations by our public servants. Rampant development does not serve the public welfare when it threatens the very cultural fabric of the neighborhood it has selected (especially because of that neighborhood’s specific cultural and historical character) for exploitation. It is like killing the goose that lays the golden eggs….


  1. Please do not destroy the historical heritage and uniqueness this neighborhood brings the NYC. Family-run businesses (a necessity to any residential neighborhood) of all kinds are being run out of the neighborhood; architectural details are being destroyed; and infrastructure is heavily burdened. It is becoming more and more difficult to remain in NYC. Please don’t make it impossible.


  1. I’m horrified at the loss of our architectural heritage—the very look of TriBeCa that we all treasure is imperiled. Now is the time for action.


  1. I am already devastated by the huge building that is going up on Church and Leonard. It is already the end of Tribeca. So sad that greed is destroying this idyllic place.


  1. Architecture is part of community. Condominiums are irrelevant to culture.


  1. This neighborhood is getting ruined by ugly buildings being allowed into a once-beautiful historic, quiet neighborhood. They are getting taller by the year too, blocking out sun and causing enormous noise and traffic.


  1. It is important to protect the architectural and historical heritage of Tribeca. It is relevant.


  1. 38 years.


  1. Save Tribeca.


  1. I have been a Tribeca/Battery Park community member for over 18 years. Tribeca HAS to be protected from overdevelopment and especially from demolition of the original buildings unless the foundation is a threat to the community.


  1. Tribeca resident and homeowner for 9 years.


  1. I’m 11 years old, a lifelong resident of TriBeCa. I love my neighborhood but soon I won’t be able to recognize it.


  1. Please protect TriBeCa!


  1. Lower Manhattan resident 38 years.


  1. Tribeca has been in a high risk of losing its community environment for the past 20 years. We have seen talented painters, writers, and poets vanish along with unique historical buildings. Let’s preserve it!


  1. Please think again!


  1. Keep Tribeca at a human scale, fit for human habitation including small children and aging artist grans & grannies! I hear the sweet sound of children playing from my window, even as I write…!


  1. This is very sad—we must fight to protect our neighborhood and preserve its history.


  1. Enough is enough! Do not permit further destruction of our neighborhood. Developers erect ugly apartment buildings whose design is diametrically opposed to the historic fabric of our neighborhood and then populate them with the uber-entitled rich who are the only people who can afford them.


  1. Tribeca is a beautiful, special neighborhood in Manhattan, characterized by lovely, small buildings. Preserving its character should be a goal for the city, as the specialness of the various neighborhoods of the city is what makes the place as a whole the wonderful city it is. Please act now to better protect the architectural and historical heritage of Tribeca, before it is lost forever. Once it’s gone, we’ll never be able to get it back.


  1. We want to preserve the neighborhood character. It’s changed already. No additional towers.


  1. I lived in Tribeca for 39 years and was forced out because I could no longer afford to live in the neighborhood that I helped make great. I raised my family in Tribeca and due to greed I could no longer stay.




  1. Enough already!


  1. Protect our neighborhood…


  1. Too late to save some of the old brick buildings in this northwestern corner of Tribeca.


  1. The neighborhoods and families of New York City have been damaged by the invasion of outside financial interests. We want our neighborhoods back.


  1. We call on City government to expand the boundaries of Tribeca’s historic districts and to modify the zoning to ensure the long-term survival, affordable housing, small-scale independent businesses and human-scale of one of the city’s great cultural assets. NO MORE LUXURY ANYTHING! There is enough luxury. Diversity is essential to a thriving community.


  1. We need our New York Mayor to stand up and support our neighborhoods against these type of developers.


  1. Supporting family in Tribeca.


  1. If the city does not protect the housing of its artists, not only will the city lose the artists—THEY WILL LOSE THE ART.


  1. Visitors don’t ever leave the city thinking about the new architecture and chain retail. They think about the neighborhoods and their history. Stop wiping out the past because it’s what makes the city…New York…and not a strip mall in New Jersey.


  1. Enough is enough to quote Bernie Sanders. Tribeca is perfect the way it is.


  1. Adored living in Tribeca in the 80s.


  1. Lower Manhattan has too much history that is no longer visible—let’s keep what’s left.


  1. Downtown residents for over 35 years.


  1. Please keep big building developers out of Tribeca. Thanks a lot.


  1. Save NYC and save TriBeCa!


  1. Please preserve Tribeca.


  1. Life-long New Yorker. I moved to Tribeca because it was not overbuilt and overcrowded like Midtown and the Upper East Side. It has character and is a great neighborhood. Let’s keep it that way.


  1. I am not a constituent, but we have been having some of these same kinds of problems in southern California. Fight on.


  1. Long-term residents deserve protection.


  1. Tribeca 27 years.


  1. In addition to destroying the beauty and history of the area, there are not sufficient downtown/uptown streets to accommodate the traffic from ambulances, fire trucks and police cars etc. Even now traffic jams prevent emergency vehicles from getting to their destination in a reasonable amount of time.


  1. Where is the protective-oversight role NYC Landmarks Commission is supposed to play?


  1. Preserve what is left of pedestrian scale in our neighborhood.


  1. Please help protect a community that we have lived in for 31 years.


  1. The neighborhood is invaluable for all residents—longtime and new—and for the city as a whole.


  1. An extraordinary neighborhood. Let’s protect it. It deserves to survive. When I moved into the Washington Market area, as it was called then in 1975, there were only two residential buildings on our block. My wife and I raised two children here and love this neighborhood. Let’s keep the character of Tribeca!


  1. We visit Tribeca frequently. It is wonderful and must be preserved!


  1. Please, please use the information we have regarding density and high-rise projects to bring some sanity to the process of development of our neighborhoods! High density has to be managed much better than the free-for-all for developers that currently exists here in Lower Manhattan.


The concept of a neighborhood is totally lost when density becomes such that you can’t walk down the street, get a cab, ride the bus or subway without overcrowding that turns people into atavistic brutes who have to push and shove their way at all hours when leaving their homes.


Overcrowding leads to very aggressive behaviors that are not conducive to a good quality of life.


Let’s stop and look at what we are doing and plan density in proportion to services available.


  1. It is wasteful and benighted to destroy old and beautiful buildings to create new and ugly buildings that contaminate the skyline, the history of a place and the architectural timeline that so enriches our lives and our vision in the southern-most parts of Manhattan—where this city had its beginnings. We destroy more than just brick, mortar and steel. Who are you who wish to commit this crime? Stop and think!….with not just your wallet and your ego.


  1. It is not too late to save the character and historical fabric of Tribeca. The destruction of the architectural heritage and livability of the city in the past few years has been terrifying. The substantial old buildings marked for imminent demolition if things are allowed to proceed are not only aesthetically and historically important, but they are structurally superior to much of the “luxury” housing that is going up. Many of the new glass buildings barely last a generation before drastic renovation is required. The handsome, massive masonry buildings of decades past not only have an individuality that will never be seen again, but are good for the ages. Developers who destroy them will go down in history along with the infamous vandals that wiped out the grand and distinguished old Penn Station.


  1. Stop this city from becoming an island of misfit millionaires. There is no character anymore. May as well live in the Mall of America.


  1. Preserve the historical heritage of Tribeca!


  1. It is not right that developers can come to any neighborhood and literally destroy what took many years to build. I’m against it.


  1. Worked here for years. Many friends’ lives are being affected.


  1. Stewardship is a responsible and thoughtful action.


  1. I own the business on the corner of Murray and West Broadway and it breaks our hearts to have to leave. Everyone is sad; we have acquired great customers and people that have become our friends through the years. We have seen the Freedom Tower being built and have had the pleasure to serve all the construction workers who were part of it. I have lived in the NYC area for 35 years I’m saddened to see some of the old structures being torn down…stop demolishing TriBeCa. This place matters to so many!!


  1. Keeping neighborhoods intact keeps the history alive. Didn’t we learn anything yet? Wish Jackie Kennedy were still with us. She would be so disappointed about the direction the city she loved has gone.


  1. Let’s save history and heritage!


  1. We need to keep Tribeca’s history in tact and keep residents in place. Allow the remaining artists to live and thrive and keep the cultural center of Tribeca alive.


  1. Save Tribeca!


  1. Please ensure that this iconic part of NYC remains so.


  1. Please save our building.


  1. Too many big buildings, too many lost views, too many people, too much gentrification—and you lose what was of value in the first place, which is the visuals, the flavor and the authenticity of a place. Save Tribeca for New York City!


  1. New York has an architectural history and a place like The Four Seasons restaurant and TriBeCa participate on the highest level to the international dimension of New York. It’s my duty to protect it in order that all the visitors of this city and future generations can enjoy it. There is no future for creation without a deep concern for our common patrimony.


  1. Since 1977.


  1. A valuable opportunity to support the arts community that has contributed so much to NYC and the world.


  1. Please protect our landmarks.


  1. Please help protect our neighborhood from further destruction. We’ve lost so many historical buildings that gave our neighborhood character and identity. We need to keep Tribeca a special place where people want to visit and get a sense of our history.


  1. I’ve lived in the neighborhood since 1982 and have seen many changes but the recently proposed ones are a serious threat to the character and quality of life. A long time dry cleaner and deli at Harrison and Greenwich have both had to close because of sky rocketing rents—only big chain stores can afford to remain open. Please keep TriBeCa the unique neighborhood it is famous for.


  1. Protect our beautiful neighborhood!


  1. Please value and protect this unique and historic neighborhood!!


  1. I have lived in TriBeCa for more than 30 years and abhor what is happening to our neighborhood. I see buildings being leveled and dread the congestion that will come with it. This needs to be stopped. The character of our neighborhood is what keeps people here.


  1. We need to protect the character of Tribeca and immediately stop the large high rise condos, which will be ruining the very fabric of the community and causing over crowding in every sense of the word. Allowing construction without any accounting for how the building compliments or detracts from the neighborhood character of Tribeca makes no sense and will be an irreversible tragedy for all New Yorkers. While real estate owners, realtors and contractors might be getting rich, they will be turning Tribeca into an unending set of high rise glass boxes. Unforgivable.


  1. Hudson Square – 36 years.


  1. Raised family in Tribeca & BPC. Run community programs almost 30 years.


  1. My husband and I moved to the southern part of Tribeca 5 years ago and have seen both good and bad changes come through the neighborhood. While there have been some really nice new developments in the neighborhood, the majority have done more harm than helped. Over the past year or so I have seen firsthand the tearing down of old traditional neighborhood buildings happen at an alarming rate and seen the downstream consequences including the loss of small retail. This is something that our municipal leadership and Landmarks Preservation Commission needs to get out in front of before it’s too late. Tribeca is too special of a NYC neighborhood to go down the path of other regretful over-developed neighborhoods. Please protect this authentic and historical NYC neighborhood before it is too late. Thanks.


  1. I’ve lived on Chambers Street since 1999 but I’ve known the Washington Market/Tribeca area since 1936. My father’s office was on Franklin St. The area we now call Tribeca is both small and contained and so more easily preserved than others. We have lost so much of old New York and we should try not just to save much of what is left but to treasure it.


  1. Stayed in Tribeca each New York visit. Love it. And love the people there. If my signature from afar can help, great! All the best!


  1. The expansion of the Tribeca Historic Districts by the NYC Landmarks Commission is critically important to protect the historic sense of place that is rapidly disappearing in our neighborhood.


  1. I have lived on Greenwich Street for over 12 years and I can see the erosion of what was a fantastic artist community and before our eyes it is becoming an extension of the Meatpacking District, with prices so high that the only people who seem to be buying into it are overseas investors or rich bankers.


  1. Stop building out-of-context big buildings in our neighborhood.


  1. Please support the content of the message to protect the historic importance of the Tribeca neighborhood. Thank you.


  1. I have lived in Tribeca for 38 years; please, please expand the historic district to prevent further erosion of what makes this section of the city unique.


  1. I was a long time Tribeca resident before work brought me to LA. DO NOT let Tribeca die the death that is already besieging it!


  1. Save the real New York….


  1. The rich are housed already, with more on the way. We don’t need more housing for the rich, we need the preservation of light, air and the buildings of an era that cannot return.


  1. Enough with the high-rise buildings. We need to preserve the historical nature of our neighborhood.


  1. I have been living here for over 25 years and it is scary what is happening to our neighborhood. High-rise luxury buildings are being built without schools and hospitals to support these massive buildings. Historic buildings are being demolished right next to me on West Broadway between Warren and Murray. The city does not make it worth it to the building owners to restore and sell the old buildings…instead they are encouraged to sell the land to big developers! These developers should be required to build a school in their building to teach all the students that will be their residents and surrounding residents. Our schools are overcrowded as it is! We are losing the look of what made Tribeca alluring to begin with.


  1. I have had a painting studio in TriBeCa for 23 years. My studio has been sold to a developer who will demolish our building and build condos.


  1. I’ve lived in Tribeca for 15 years and have witnessed the character of my neighborhood slowly disappearing. One by one I’m watching the small independent businesses go out of business…the neighborhood has become a neighborhood filled with luxury condo buildings and banks. It is sad that this neighborhood is losing what makes it unique. We don’t need any more luxury condo buildings. Thank you.


  1. TriBeCa resident 20 years.


  1. It appears the City administration is hell-bent on making New York City the playground for rich developers and ultra-rich international oligarchs by destroying the scale and character of New York’s traditional neighborhoods. This destructive process is being sold with the dubious argument that the other 99% will eventually get some benefits somewhere sometime.


  1. I’ve lived in TriBeCa since 1969, even through a ruthless frivolous lawsuit by unscrupulous dishonest shareholders in my co-op. They have not yet thrown me out.


  1. Quality of life is important and Tribecas and NYCs are being destroyed by these new eyesore buildings and too much density. Stop the Hong Kong Shanghai syndrome. Been there and it’s ugly. Stop rampant development.


  1. I have lived on Leonard St since 1977. The ugliness of the high-rise steel and cement box invasion is sickening. The disrespect for historical style and construction is appalling. Ugliness now prevails under the guise of new construction equals high-density tax dollars for the city and windfalls for the developers. A revised neighborhood of gigantic ugly boxes.


  1. I have lived in Tribeca since 1976, when it was an empty quarter. Now it is being destroyed by voraciously greedy landlords and developers, (nothing new there) and architects with degrees in grandiosity building rubbishy new investment spaces for the ultra rich. Small-scale retail forced out, any tenant not paying market rent forced out. (Spits.)


  1. We are not ants. We are people. We do not need to crawl over each other to get from A to B here at rush hour. Adding more high density to this area makes it impossible to walk down the street. It’s difficult enough now and certainly won’t get any better. High density makes people impatient, impolite and aggressive. It leads to more disputes and more unpleasant social interactions as people have to continually and literally fight for space. Please, please look at a distribution of population that makes sense for the quality of life that should also be part of the plan when looking at urban centers and housing.


  1. We are losing our artists, small businesses and affordability. Tribeca is losing its character and becoming a neighborhood for the rich.


  1. History should be preserved and be protested!


  1. This is getting ridiculous.


  1. No more huge condo towers in this neighborhood!


  1. Protect Tribeca.


  1. An organizing flier by Save the Village to fight Robert Moses’ urban renewal plans in the Village:


Seeking to maintain the Village’s bohemian culture, Vennema worked with Carol Greitzer as treasurer of the Committee for Artist Housing. He served as the lead attorney for the group, securing support of local assemblymembers and the Department of Buildings to amend the building code to allow artists to live legally in their studios. This amendment resulted in the initial conversion project at 799 Greenwich St., which served as a blueprint for artist housing at Westbeth and later, Soho and Tribeca.

Some years ago, Carey Vennema fought to save downtown from being ploughed under by Robert Moses who saw another highway down here. In a similar feeling the essential quality, or what is left, of the fabric of that Tribeca, needs to be protected and the artists and craftspeople that remain in this neighborhood, and who often have provided visionary developments for their surrounding areas deserve the right to feel protected from the goals of financially motivated giants.


  1. Let’s fight to not let it turn into every other neighborhood in the city. Keep Tribeca small and local. We can go to a mall someplace else.


  1. I have lived in Tribeca since 1973 and have watched it being built up in a way that it shouldn’t. Please help protect it from becoming tall building everywhere especially that it is a landmarked neighborhood.


  1. Most fascinating place.


  1. Maintaining the historic integrity of Tribeca is very important to the city

of New York. Its charm of the old mixed with the cobblestone small

streets added a real flavor to our city. Please consider this beauty and history.


  1. Here since 1968.


  1. Please respect our city and its actual residents.


  1. Our building is a prewar building half a block outside of the historic district. Every building in my block is being developed. Our building is filled with artists and music studios. The mayor is openly fighting for blue-collar workers in NYC, but seems to not care about artists and their studios, which are disappearing rapidly from NYC in favor of offshore investors. Our building was bought for 12 million and has a footprint of 8000 square feet by the heir to Bonjour Jeans who is Syrian. He wants to tear our building down even though we went through the legalization in the early 80’s…protection that is undone when big money enters the picture. I wish that the mayor looked at artists the way he looks at others who use their hands in their work.


  1. I’m requesting the City government expand the boundaries of Tribeca’s historic districts and to modify the zoning to ensure the long-term survival and human-scale of the buildings in this area.


  1. Our neighborhood features lots of buildings of the late 19th century era (brick warehouses, merchant buildings…) that distinguishes it from a lot of other Manhattan neighborhoods. If New York City loses the characteristic features of certain neighborhoods, it loses its outstanding personality and will be, due to the developers’ cookie cutter buildings (Trump: “If you give a community board a shoebox, there is nothing for them to hook their teeth into”), no different from, let’s say, Dallas TX. NYC is one of the rare US cities that DOES have an architectural past—do not allow that to be destroyed!!! Pre-Socratic philosopher and mathematician Demokritos: “Architecture is the mother of all Arts.”


  1. We were here when nobody wanted to be. We got the schools built, got the esplanade and wonderful play space through endless community board meetings. We deserve a say in how the community moves forward.


  1. We’re losing our sky and our sunsets, which were big reasons why we moved to NW TriBeCa 10 years ago. There are so many empty first floor retail spaces all over the neighborhood and so few spots in the elementary and middle schools … the massive expansion of residential units is perplexing as our neighborhood does not have the infrastructure to support the growing population. I find it discouraging that every new property seems to be a luxury condo.


  1. Tribeca – 40 years.


  1. We have such a special neighborhood. Please protect it by making new growth adhere to guidelines respectful of the history embodied in Tribeca. There are ways to grow and still maintain this distinct neighborhood.


  1. So sad that all the lovely small, independent shops and restaurants are being priced out.


  1. In the year that I’ve lived in Tribeca I’ve seen several great local restaurants/businesses be closed to make way for buildings and businesses that do nothing to add to the charm of this beautiful neighborhood; rather they detract from it. It is very disappointing to say the least.


  1. This was one of the most beautiful parts of the city in my opinion. Slowly it is losing its historical connection. I think that in generations to come they will hold us accountable for some of the uninspired development that has taken the place of some of these historical buildings and wonder why we let this happen.


  1. Let’s protect Tribeca before it turns completely turns like Hell’s Kitchen with most of our historic buildings torn down to make room for high rises, chain stores, dry cleaners, more banks and nail salons!


  1. Tribeca does not need more luxury skyscrapers but it does need affordable housing. Keep the scale human, welcome diverse newcomers.


  1. Extension of the landmark district to include all of Tribeca is crucial for the protection & survival of a unique historic neighborhood.


  1. Tribeca—33 years.


  1. My husband and I bought our first home In Tribeca close to 5 years ago and have loved living in the neighborhood. We live in a converted factory built in the 1890s and bought it because of the history of the area and how it feels more like a neighborhood than any other area of the city. With all the construction replacing our unique retail stores and historic buildings, the area is becoming very different then the one we fell in love with.


  1. Please help keep Tribeca from being completely ruined by all the developer greed. We do not want to live in a mall.


  1. Downtown has been losing its character for years because the small retailers cannot survive the rents, and the unaffordable housing is squeezing out the middle class. Manhattan is only for the rich.


  1. For the sake of the city, please help us not end up like Hong Kong.


  1. Stop destroying New York with ugly towers.


  1. Living on Washington between Vestry and Desbrosses, another block where luxury housing and hotels are destroying the character of the neighborhood and causing people to lose their homes and businesses.


  1. This is one of the most famous and cherished wall signs in NYC as well as being on a landmarked building within a landmarked historical district.

What is the point of the Landmarks Preservation Commission if it even gives credence to the thought of development here!! There is a terrible confusion at the moment to conflate affordable housing with luxury development, which is what is happening in Tribeca. The historic architectural legacy of NYC desperately needs to be preserved!


  1. Landmarks must calendar the proposed extensions for Tribeca East Historic District now. The cause has merit, but it needs mayoral leadership.


  1. Our small businesses and historic buildings are crucial to our neighborhoods. The Upper West Side has turned into an upscale chain-store mall. Central Park South is being ruined by out-of-scale skyscrapers. Developers have already destroyed so much of Tribeca. We must save what still remains!


  1. Save our TriBeCa!


  1. Haven’t we learned anything since Pennsylvania Station?? Are real estate mega-millions our sole value now? Is there to be no architectural heritage for our children? How can we ever explain to our children why we have been so thoughtless, crass and stupid?


  1. A creative community’s being displaced by profiteering developers with the misguided aid of a “progressive” city administration that’s dealing with the devil.


  1. Stop the tear-down, preserve Tribeca.


  1. Please protect the heritage and historic district of Tribeca, our children need to see what is and will always be.


  1. Not enough of the historical buildings are protected in Tribeca. We need the historic districts expanded, the zoning modified and the small business survival bill passed.


  1. What makes us different is what makes us special. We do not need one more glass and chrome superstructure here. Contextual development is what gives a neighborhood its sense of place. Let’s protect what we have and sponsor responsible economic development. Let’s give small independents tax breaks. Rich developers don’t need them. Small independent businesses are what gives a neighborhood its character. The appalling malling of America is turning us into one homogenous group of mediocrity. We are New York and we can do better.


  1. Tribeca does not need another high-rise luxury condo building. It needs sunlight, which a high rise will hide; it needs human scale for human interaction; it needs reasonably-priced restaurants that are the fabric of our neighborhood. Please expand the historic district boundaries and protect buildings that are close to Ground Zero and as such have a historic relevance even more important to our history.


  1. Tribeca resident for 31 years.


  1. Neighborhoods throughout New York City are under attack from big-moneyed real estate interests. It’s very important to speak out and provide a counterbalance to protect what makes our city special.


  1. This is a neighborhood. It is a community. The buildings slated for demolition house our friends, our families, our small businesses. This is what makes our city great. If you demolish the buildings housing these people, you gut the city of its humanity by succumbing to the greed of real estate investors. You do that, and you will no longer have a rich, diverse great city. Just a soulless playground for spoiled, rich white guys, and their vapid gold-digging girlfriends. It will look just like Vegas.


  1. No more towers!


  1. Let’s make and keep TriBeCa whole!


  1. We regularly frequent most of the establishments on this list. Let’s keep them open.


  1. Please protect Tribeca before developers take away its soul.


  1. Our apartment is on the south side of the building looking out over Duane Street into southern Tribeca. It’s one after another—massive 90+ story towers going up, and older historical buildings being emptied for smaller but equally non-historical and non-contextual projects supplementing them. The borders of the landmarked portions of Tribeca gerrymander around and about, without rhyme or reason, as only a half-baked political process can birth. It’s disheartening to say the least. And if people are not concerned about the loss of historical context, the impact of more towers, more shadows and dank light in Tribeca will likely and, if so, irreparably, hit home by way of decreasing market values.


  1. No more tall buildings and conserve.


  1. Business owner and pediatrician in Tribeca (20 Years).


  1. We must calendar the extension of Tribeca Historic Districts now.

We are losing affordable housing as tenants are harrassed and bought out. The developers are running this city ragged, forcing affordable housing out of Manhattan as they build luxury towers.


  1. I visit daughters living in Battery Park and Financial area frequently. Many of the old buildings in Tribeca are great to look and hold so much history. What a terrible shame to lose them.


  1. We must save TriBeCa from developers set out to make money instead of preserving what’s left of real New York. Culture and community is more important than condos!


  1. Don’t ever destroy the architectural heritage of Tribeca by building glass towers!


  1. We need to preserve what we have left!


  1. I’m no expert but it puzzles me how our 6-story building has a strict FAR (foot area restriction) but developers with deep pockets seem to get any structure they want approved just a few blocks away. Makes me think that zoning can be bought with the right amount of money.


  1. I just learned that on of my favorite block fronts in Tribeca, West Broadway between Warren and Murray, is being torn down in favor of new condos. So we will lose great restaurants that have been there for years and, I am sure, will be replaced by expensive chains, which will be the only businesses who can afford the rent. Keep the old Tribeca character! Stop changing the face of the neighborhood.


  1. Please save Tribeca as an affordable and handsome neighborhood to live in.


  1. I have lived and worked here for 23 years. My current art studio building on 59 Franklin St will be demolished for another high rise. I have watched so much of my neighborhood get destroyed and don’t want anything else destroyed. You are getting rid of all the artists including me. We don’t need more residential high rises. People want to live down here because of the people who have lived here decades and made Tribeca what it is.


  1. I have lived here over 20 years and seen Tribeca go from nothing to an area that is livable and wonderful with small shops and restaurants. Now Tribeca is going the other way and changing for the worse with oversized buildings being built.


  1. Keep Tribeca’s historical district intact. Stop building towering glass buildings that do not fit the neighborhood. Soon no boutique mom-and-pop shops will exist as no small business can afford the retail space. Keep big corporate chain stores out of Tribeca.


  1. It is important to protect the architectural and historic heritage of Tribeca by expanding the boundaries of Tribeca’s historic districts ad to modify the zoning to ensure the long-term survival and scale of one of the city’s great cultural assets and neighborhoods.


  1. Massive, glass and steel modernism will ruin Tribeca. Imagine row after anonymous row of tall, shiny buildings. You don’t have to try very hard…visit Trumpistan on the West Side Highway. Real estate developers see money lining our unprotected streets. It’s time to stand up to them.


  1. Please protect Tribeca.


  1. Expand the Tribeca Historic District. Our entire fabric of life is being threatened by excessive commercial real estate development. Soon there will be nothing left of a once-vibrant neighborhood.


  1. The Tribeca Historic District must be re-enforced and expanded. Small neighborhood shops are being shuttered every day due to outlandishly escalating rents and whole block fronts of them are closing so that luxury apartments can be built. We call on Mayor de Blasio, the members of the City Council and all of our elected officials to take a stand for preserving our neighborhood’s traditional, everyday viability.


  1. Before it’s too late…the beast is hungry….


  1. While I don’t live in Tribeca, I go there often to enjoy the historic buildings and the quality of its neighborhood shops and restaurants.


  1. Why are you letting developers ruin the unique and historic character of our neighborhood, replace affordable housing with luxury apartments, and drive out long time neighborhood small businesses, all to make wealthy developers even richer?


  1. I am saddened by the destruction of so many beautiful historic buildings since we first moved into our Tribeca loft. In our immediate area, they have been replaced by large modern apartment buildings that look out of place. The loss of the old buildings, idiosyncratic and imbued with historic soul as they were, has diminished our neighborhood in an irrevocable way.


  1. I urge you to protect the historical integrity of our beloved neighborhood, home to many and destination of countless tourists in search of our unique cast-iron beauty.