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  • An Hour of Your Time As you know, at least 8 buildings went down in Tribeca over the past 12 months, and 20 more might come down in the next year.  We need volunteers to fan out into Tribeca with our new anti-demolition poster, a copy of which is below, with the job of asking […]

  • Demolitions Would Erase 110 Affordable Apartments And Nine Historic Buildings in Tribeca   Alicia Glen, the Deputy Mayor for Economic Development, was on the Brian Lehrer Show on April 10, 2015. She pitched the Mayor’s policy to vastly increase affordable housing in the City. She also said “there is a new sheriff in town” and […]

  • The Mayor and City Planning have been trying to rush through ill-considered zoning changes that are dressed up in a pretty package covered with affordable housing ribbons and sparkly bows about housing for senior citizens.  But open up the pretty package and you see an effort to get rid of hard-won contextual zoning districts.  Contextual […]

  • Here is the update on our list of last year. 67 Vestry- unchanged – third party application underway for National Registry of Historic Places.  Will Aby Rosen buy into that idea and turn this building into 100% affordable housing (which it is already) rather than demo it for luxury housing? Photo immediately below. 31 Desbrosses- […]

  • The Seizure of Public Sidewalks for Private Gain Many people like sidewalk cafes, especially when they add a European charm to a streetscape.  The charm arises if there is attractive furniture or a row of flowers and planters that separates the café sitters from the pedestrians. Cercle Rouge and Odeon in Tribeca are examples of […]

  •   How is the Integrity of Historic Districts Maintained? Historic Districts are cultural assets.  Their integrity is a real problem.  “Architectural integrity is defined as “those qualities in a building and its site that give it meaning and value” (Morton and Hume, cited in Murtagh, 2005). It is very clear that from both preservation law […]

  •     The above image is of a house that Mies Van Der Rohe thought should be X’ed out or eliminated, from an 1923 Manifesto printed in “G” Magazine.  On the Silliness of the Phrase “An Architecture of our Time” Architects from Germany in the 1920’s got obsessed with a concept called zeitgeist. The idea […]

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  • 165duaneheader

    165 Duane (block 143/Lot 1) known as the Schepp Building, was designed by Stephen Decatur Hatch.  Schepp used it as an office, a warehouse, and for processing coconut fiber.  Schepp had a rags to riches life story, leaving behind a charitable foundation to help similar boys find their way up to entrepreneurship.  The building suffered […]

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